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Дата: 26 февраля 2018 в 15:29, Обновлено 26 февраля 2018 в 17:14
Автор: Орешко К. С.


     Oktyabrsky is the urban-type settlement of regional submission, the center of Oktyabrsky District, Gomel Region. It is located in the north-eastern part of the Pripyat Polesye. There are 10 rivers running through the territory of the district, the main ones are the Ptich and its tributaries such as the Oressa and the Neretovka. The population of Oktyabrsky district is more than 13 thousand people. The area of Oktyabrsky district is ​​1,381 sq km.

     We are always glad to welcome guests in our area. Everyone can find a hobby of his own. Romantics can enjoy the beauty of nature, rivers and lakes. Small travellers will be interested in visiting the zoo. Fishing fans will be able to enjoy fishing on the Sazan  impoundment.

     Green travelling is popular in Rudobelka, as our area is named. There are different tourist routes such as military-patriotic and ecological ones on the territory of  Oktyabrsky district.

     Here you can enjoy the beauty of nature; go hunting and fishing; steam room in a bath with a fragrant broom; make fascinating horseback riding and hiking or visit a museum, an  art gallery,etc.

The hunting and tourist complex "Hunter's House"

The hunting and tourist complex "Hunter's House" is located on the river side of the Ptich. This is a great place for hunting and fishing fans or just relaxing outside. There is a comfortable mansion, a banquet room, a room for playing billiards, a kitchen, and a shower there. There is a sauna, a large pergolas with barbecue, an aviary for dogs, parking for cars on the territory of the hunting complex.


The cultural and entertainment complex "Bubnovka"

The cultural and entertainment complex "Bubnovka" is located on the river Ptich and offers arranging of corporate events, celebrations, banquets, arranging of family celebrations or individual rest. Accommodation is offered  in guest houses for 2, 3 and 4 people. Accommodation in dormitories (rooms for 10 people), single rooms, family and a suite.


"Bereginya" is a unique and original festival in the country. It is an important event in the cultural life of  Oktyabrsky district and Belarus. Participants of the festival are the best children's folklore dance and song groups and original youth groups from the countries of the near abroad.

Championship of the Republic of Belarus on time-attack

There`s a karting track  in Oktyabrsky in Chkalov Street where the Championship of the Republic of Belarus on time-attack takes place. Time-attack is the most developing and accessible discipline of motosport. The championship calendar includes 5 stages: field stage (Russian Federation) and 4 stages on the territory of Belarus (Brest, Oktyabrsky).

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